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"I feel like I'm wandering. Where am I headed?"

Women carry the mental load in life...

The job.

The family.

The household.

It's hard to see the possibilities when you are stuck in a repetitive cycle of surviving, sacrificing, and proving yourself.

You may have found yourself in a place of shouldering all of the work and responsibility, and the life you envisioned seems to have faded away. KNOW in your heart you are designed for something more meaningful!

Is it a more fulfilling career? A different direction in your work? What about a healthier lifestyle that allows you to be authentically present and joyful?

Discover a BRAND NEW vision that leads you to a personal remodel and personal satisfaction.  Just ask coaching client, Lisa...

Private and Group Coaching Client Lisa was a stressed out micro-manager and overly productive business owner. Coaching helped her to  completely transform

into a picture of peace, balance, and purpose. She is radiant with joy and a mentor to other women now.


Angie is a wonderful person to work with. Working with many different personality types is difficult and she gave me plenty of tools to make it easier...I've learned so much.  My life has changed so much.  I've learned to let go and get back to my authentic self.

Now, I'm doing work that is important to me, and I'm also leading a women's group at my church.  My mission is to help other women experience the love of Jesus Christ...

Testimonial Lisa

How Angie Helped Lisa remodel her work and life:

  • 12 Month VIP Mastermind Coaching Program- for her business

  • 1:1 Life Coaching to work through personal challenges

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