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Meet Angie...

Author, Keynote Speaker, Certified Executive Business Coach for corporate and entrepreneurial women, CEO of a private consulting and coaching firm, Marketing Guru, Founder of Indy's first all women co-working and meeting space, Christian, Mom, Wife, Dog Walker, Taxi Driver...and other job titles...Probably similar to the 35 roles YOU have taken on in your life, my friend!

Envision doing something meaningful and purpose-filled

in the business world.

Whether you are in corporate, or you are an entrepreneur, you have a calling that is designed to be prosperous, and you long to get to that "sweet spot" of presence, where you are...



getting your message heard...


You can take charge of your business life- and to do it with a healthy mind, body, and soul fueled by faith.

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You want clarity, direction, and guidance.


You are excited about possibilities, but you may be struggling with the complicated demands of your business life and home environments. You find yourself getting caught up in your circumstances and responsibilities.  Pretty soon, boundaries get crossed, and you find yourself so distant from who you imagined you would be–and who God called you to be.


It seems difficult to step out of the chaos, confusion, and complexity of your daily grind and into a place where you can focus, strategize, and execute a plan that will get you to a place of FREEDOM to operate in your calling.

The good news is that you can achieve business success AND live a life of promising possibility–without selling your soul to the world AND in a way that glorifies God.  You may be asking:

"What do I need to do, and how do I get to the place I want to be?"

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