I'm Angie...

Certified Executive Business Coach for corporate and entrepreneurial women, author, speaker, CEO of a private consulting and coaching firm, Marketing Guru, Founder of Indy's first all women co-working and meeting space, Christian, Mom, Wife, Dog Walker, Taxi Driver...and other job titles...

Can it be this simple- and GLORIOUS?

Envision life where you are doing something meaningful and maximizing your talents in the business world. You know that you have a calling, and you want to know where you are headed in business- and in life.  You want to finally take charge of your business life so you can be a whole human being who has a freedom-based lifestyle.


You don't check your emotions at the door.  You know that in business, you need to be confident, respected, and composed. Can you achieve professional success while being present in your personal life?  

You want to influence, impact, and inspire...but you also want to be profitable!  Is it possible?

The short answer is...YES!  ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

You need clarity, direction, and guidance.


You are excited about possibilities, but you may be struggling with the complicated demands of your business and home environments. You find yourself getting caught up in your circumstances and responsibilities.  Pretty soon, boundaries get crossed, and you find yourself so distant from who you imagined you would be.


It seems difficult to step out of the chaos, confusion, and complexity of your daily grind and into a place where you can focus, strategize, and execute a business plan that will get you to FREEDOM. 

The good news is that you can achieve business success AND live a life of promising possibility.  You may be asking:

"What do I need to do, and how do I get to the place I want to be?"

Start with a guide

who's been there.

I have a story...

I'm a 25 year corporate leader turned business owner who went from sacrificing, surviving, and proving myself to maximizing my potential and getting serious business results.


I spent 3 years in Iraq as one of 16 females on my base facing harsh conditions and difficult challenges as a woman in a war zone. I learned the art of authenticity, resilience, and gaining the respect I deserve. I also learned how to ask for what I want.

I'm a working mom of three kids who figured out how to balance motherhood, marriage, and a whole life outside of work while struggling with my own confidence issues as a former foster child with a difficult past. God helped me through it all, along with a ton of tenacity and perseverance!

I answered the call of entrepreneurism and learned the nuts and bolts of running a successful business. I currently own three businesses:  

  • Nut Houch Art:  My mother and I are both artists.  We run an online art business and do local shows in Indiana.

I coach corporate and entrepreneurial women to find focus, build confidence, and maximize their business potential in creative ways.

I've learned the ingredients of business success in both corporate environments and business ownership.  There are certain  ingredients of success and I've created systems, plans, and tools that I now use to help other women stop their wandering and start activating FULL potential.  

If I can overcome what I've been through, anyone can.  Including you.

You've been created for such a time as this.  Answer the call.

You have a mission, you have a voice, and you deserve to be heard.  You also deserve expert coaching to help you get clear on your vision of success, develop your plan, and confidently execute on the steps you need to live the life of meaning that you are after.

Whether your path is 1:1 coaching, a group coaching program, or an event to get started, it begins when you choose to act.  


Go from being caught up in the daily grind to achieving your vision of success by taking these 3 easy steps:


  1. Click the button below to schedule a complimentary no-obligation call.

  2. Select a time that fits your schedule.

  3. Talk with me about your situation so we can create a custom coaching solution for you.


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