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Executive Business Coaching for Entrepreneurial Women

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For the High Achieving Woman who wants more for her career and life...and  is willing to dig deep personally to grow professionally so she can compose her soul...

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I've asked multiple business women this question:

"If you could solve any problem for yourself, what would it be?"


Here's what they said...

  • Build my confidence

  • Get out of my own head

  • Figure out where I'm headed

  • Get over Imposter Syndrome

  • Clarify how to share my gifts

  • Quit the "Wait a Minute" hesitation

  • Navigate politics and people better

  • Stop being afraid to step out in faith

  • Get over "success" and  live meaningfully

...Master Your Mindset™ is for these women.

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9-month journey focused on deep reflection, strategies, and tools to master the personal and professional challenges that high achieving business women face in today's unpredictable world. Based on Angie Nuttle's book, Compose Your Soul, How to Turn Your Daily Chaos Into Calm Control, you'll learn to:

  • Dig deep into  hidden values and clarify how you're designed to operate -and finally activate authentic gifts in business.

  • Pinpoint your inner criticsemotional triggers, and reframe your self-perception so you can manage your presence and balance relationships.

  • Learn 7 simple tools and techniques to shut down overwhelm and control stress so you can enjoy your work and life

  • Establish the boundaries that allow you to create space in your life- without alienating those you care about (and letting go of toxic people).

  • Grow professional confidence and shut down Imposter Syndrome while handling difficult people- without throat-punching anyone. 

  •  Restore your mental clarity, double your energy, and build 'stealth health" in 4 key areas that have a direct impact on what you get done daily.

  • Tap into a little known power supply that will help you prioritize meaningful work and protect your most important life goals.

  • Finally figure out "your bigger picture life" and where you are going in your career so you can start making moves to get there.

Oh...and your program has a beach retreat...


Learn more about Master Your Mindset™ and when our next cohort starts...

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"How do you know MASTER YOUR MINDSET™

is for you?

This experience is Ideal for women who work in corporate environments or high stakes environments...


And you are dreaming of significance...something bigger than yourself, but...


You are dancing between survival, security, belonging, and confidence.

You are ready to change that by acting now.

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Client Success Story

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Crystal wanted to build confidence, find strategies to deal with a difficult leader, and grow her career from a position and financial perspective.  By the end of the program, she accomplished ALL of these goals:

Developed a transformational level of confidence in to go after career opportunities...

Changed her approach with a challenging leader- and now successfully manages the relationship with new tools and strategies ...

Has learned to take a deeper holistic approach to her life emotionally, mentally, and spiritually...

Oh, and she received a $28K raise and promotion!

About Angie Nuttle

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Certified Executive Business Coach for corporate and entrepreneurial women, author, speaker, CEO of a private consulting and coaching firm, Marketing Guru, Founder of Indy's first all women co-working and meeting space, Christian, Mom, Wife, Dog Walker, Taxi Driver...and other job titles...Probably similar to the 35 roles YOU have taken on in your life, my friend!


My Background...

I'm a 25 year corporate leader turned business owner who went from sacrificing, surviving, and proving myself to realizing my God-given potential and getting serious business results.


I spent 3 years in Iraq as one of 16 females on my base facing harsh conditions and difficult challenges as a woman in a war zone. I learned the art of authenticity, resilience, and gaining the respect I deserve. I also learned how to ask for what I want.

I'm a working mom of three kids who figured out how to balance motherhood, marriage, and a whole life outside of work while struggling with my own confidence issues as a former foster child with a difficult past. I currently own two businesses:  

I've learned the ingredients of business success in both corporate environments and business ownership, and I've created systems, plans, and tools that I now use to help other women to walk in the favor that is waiting to be activated.

If I can overcome what I've been through, anyone can. Including you. Let's realize your growth potential together.

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