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Living the Purple Life...

It begins with the story of a little-known woman in Acts 16, Lydia, Seller of Purple. She was a worshiper of God–and a savvy businesswoman before her time. There's much we can learn from her example as a follower of Jesus...And now it is your time.

You are being called to live for Christ–at work, in your business, and in your home, but where do you begin and how do you get there? Discover the Truth about your, calling, and mission.

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The Purple Life 90-Day Devotional Study Journal

Brand new from Angie–her 90 Day Devotional Study Journal, and the companion to The Purple Life: A Christian Business Woman's Guidebook to Faith, Favor, and Spiritual Warfare. Get it on Amazon.

The Purple Life: The Christian Business Woman's Guidebook to Faith, Favor, and Spiritual Warfare


Angie Nuttle shares her inspiring story of how God called her to the Purple Life—a bold and courageous life inspired by Lydia, Seller of Purple—that brings you to holy encounters and miraculous outcomes.


Christian Author, Keynote Speaker, Certified Executive Business Coach for corporate and entrepreneurial women, CEO of a private consulting and coaching firm, Marketing Guru, Founder of Indy's first all-women co-working and meeting space, Mom, Wife, Dog Walker, Taxi Driver...and other job titles...Probably similar to the 35 roles YOU have taken on in your life, my friend!

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