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Welcome to the Tool Library!  Bookmark this page so you can check in for new tools, podcasts, videos, and information.

This page is updated weekly to include the latest information.  

Featured Podcast-Listen Now 

Guest Appearance Podcasts 

Women and Stress - Angie Nuttle
Inner Vision w/Dr. Nita Vallens - Angie Nuttle
Dealing with Holiday Family Chaos - Angie Nuttle

FB Lives

Episode 15: Communication and Conflict: How to deal with "them": Introverts vs. Extroverts
A-List: Angie’s Top 10 Books for Working Women
A-List: What to do when you don’t fit anymore
A-List: 3 culprits that make you think: “Something’s missing in my job.”
A-List: How to deal with Catty Women
A-List: Executive Presence for Women
Special A-list: God-ordained opportunity vs. responsibility
Episode 19: The Power of Male Allies- with Julie Kratz
Episode 18: Why Women Are So Busy
Episode 16: Communication and Conflict: How to deal with "them": Thinkers vs. Feelers
Episode 14: Communication and Conflict: Learn MBTI 
Episode 13: How to Deal With Someone Who Has Offended You
Episode 10: How to Figure Out Your Calling
Episode 9: How to Speak Comfortably In Front of Others
Episode 8: How to Introduce Yourself The Right Way
Episode 7: How to Manage Your Emotional Triggers
Session 1: Pressure, Inner Critics, and Junky Purses
Session 3: Our Stories, Boundaries, and Respect
Session 2: Sanity threats, Perfectionism, and Healing
Session 4: Power, Influence, and your Mission


Emotional Intelligence:  Is This You?
3 Ways to Get People to Hear You
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