Drop 3-7 lbs., clear your head, and feel energized

 in 5 Days...

(Yes, 5 Days).


Sun Nov 29 - Thurs Dec 3

7 pm-7:45 pm EST each night

These ladies dropped 10 lbs. in 11 days!

  • Feel energized, lighter and more clear in 5 Days! (Yes, 5 days!)

  • Drop pounds safely and quickly so while you reverse the effects of emotional eating

  •  Stop inflammation and feeling sluggish so you can keep up with the demands of life and work.

  • Get the fog out of your mind so you can think on your feet and make decisions faster

Sun Nov 29 - Thurs Dec 3

7 pm-7:45 pm EST each night

5 Interactive Facebook Live Sessions with a free assessment workbook and detox guide

Our 5 Session Agenda:

Day 1: Prepare for Takeoff: How to Start Detoxing by Eating What You Want

Day 2: Operation D-Day: How to Activate Your Fat Freeze Power in the Detox and melt it off in a hurry


Day 3: How to Retrain Your Brain and Reframe Your Pangs so you can feel like you're 20 again.


Day 4 The Tricks to Outsmart Your Body’s Attempt to Plateau while Fighting off Temptation


Day 5 Top 5 Things You MUST do to Sharpen your Mind, Double Your Clarity, and keep the pounds off for good.