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Women's Coaching Circles

What's a Women's Circle?

A Women's Circle is a  group of 3-6 women with common interests who want objective coaching in a safe setting.  

It's the perfect solution for women who want the benefit of personalized attention, expert coaching and respectful support at a budget-friendly investment.


It doesn't matter if your job is at home, in an office, or a factory, you'll get answers and accountability. You'll also enjoy building relationships that bring wisdom, joy, and a composed soul.

• Discover what's possible for your career, business, life, and mission- and gain the confidence to pursue it!

•Get clear and intentional around your purpose, calling, mission, destiny, and gifts.

•Work through challenges at work and home so you can build a healthy work/life mindset, boundaries, and freedom

About Angie Nuttle

Angie is a Christian Business and Executive Coach for Working Women.  She offers coaching programs, workshops, and individual coaching for women from all walks of life:

  • Maximize your potential in the workplace and home

  • Move through transition and explore your next move

  • Find your sweet spot as an Entrepreneur or Business Owner and go to the next level

  • Grow spiritually in your relationships with God, Family, and Friends

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