Here's Your 11 Day Detox Diet™

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Angie Nuttle is an Executive Coach for corporate and entrepreneurial women.  As a former figure fitness and bodybuilding trainer, Angie worked with our armed forces in Iraq from 2004-2007) to stay healthy, drop pounds, and increase mind and health clarity.


When she returned from Iraq, she made it through a challenging pregnancy at 40 years old, but gained 35 pounds.  She tried everything to lose the weight, but nothing worked.  in 2012, she finally discovered the critical secret to getting her body back and dropped the weight.  


She started Food Fighters in 2019, teaching other women how to manage their relationship with food and get healthy again while dropping the unwanted pounds.  She shares all her secrets and coaches women to achieve their health goals in Food Fighters Circles through 4 pillars:  Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.