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"Help! I'm an entrepreneur..."

You were born to be on your own.  

It's ambiguous.

It's challenging.

It's scary.

Whether you are working for yourself or you are thinking about "jumping off the cliff" into your own venture, it can be both exciting and confusing.

You've come to a place where you need to know what to do next. You may be struggling with your emotions and confidence, and you also may be wondering what kind of business strategy needs to be activated.


You ask, "Where do I start and how do I do it?"

Would you like to get clear on your path? Would you like to quit talking and start doing what you know you are designed to do? Coaching Client, Amanda, did just that!

Private and Group Coaching Client Amanda successfully made the leap from corporate to entrepreneurism. Her  HR Consulting business is thriving today and she attributes Angie's coaching as key factor!


Angie is an expert business and talent remodeling coach. She is incredibly gifted at guiding you through the transformation of your business and leadership capabilities. She's helped identify my strengths and work through the behaviors that are limiting me, all this has begun to translate to my own business success.


She has an inherent ability to zero in on what key things need to change so you can successfully lead and grow your business.

How Angie Helped Amanda Build Her Business:

  • 12 Month VIP Mastermind Business Coaching Program

  • Logo and Website Design, strategy and copy (see it here)

  • Social Media Strategy and implementation/Graphics/Video

testimonial Amanda
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