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How Aimee Kandrac Turned a Bad Situation into a Business

"I have cancer." These fearful words entered Aimee's life when a 25 year old family friend shared her fateful news.

The situation activated a series of events where Aimee and her mother did whatever it took to make the friend's life easier. As time when on, nature took it's course, and the family friend passed.

What happened afterward was powerful. Aimee and her mother had stumbled upon their mission in life. This was confirmed after Aimee's mother went through a class to discover her gifts and purpose.

In this interview on my A-List Facebook Live coaching show, Aimee talks about how WhatFriendsDo was born. She also discusses how she turned a bad situation into a for-profit woman-owned business that thrives today.

Watch Angie Nuttle's interview with Aimee Kandrac in this A-List Facebook Live replay.


Angie Nuttle is an Author, Speaker, and Executive Coach for Working Women who want professional and personal clarity and direction. Angie helps women discover and activate their purpose, calling, mission, and gifts through 1:1 business coaching, group coaching/women's circles, workshops, and women's programs. She is also CEO of Corporate Talent Institute, and Founder of The School of Executive Presence.

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