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THE PURPLE LIFE                           

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Have you ever gotten a God Memo...

a small whisper from Him—compelling you to do something "ark-size"?

Women want clarity on how to walk in God's favor and deal with spiritual warfare. This guidebook will teach you to:

  • Recognize a God Memo —and discern His voice (versus the enemy, who wants to keep you busy).

  • Discover the single reason women don’t achieve a meaningful life and the big lie that has you searching for purpose in all the wrong places. 

  • The five things you should be doing everyday to build supernatural faith and favor in your business and life.

  • Unleash God’s authority and shut down the attacks against you, your family, and your finances using three bible-based power tools.

  • Pray spirit-filled prayers that connect you deeply to God so you can shut down Satan’s five deceptive strategies


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"...I push the heavy old door and step into the dark hallway of the old 1903 mini-mansion... I pause to take a breath. I’m ready to meet her now that we have a moment to be alone.

...I hear her cry out to me...."

Page 70, The Purple Life


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When you get a God Memo...

Everything changes for you in a single moment.

Angie Nuttle shares her inspiring story of how God called her to The Purple Life —a bold and courageous life inspired by Lydia, Seller of Purple—that brings you to holy encounters and miraculous outcomes.

Little is known about Lydia, a believer and seller of purple, but God abundantly favored her.

  • She ran a household

  • She was prosperous in her business

  • She was unscathed by societal judgment 

You serve the same God, but it's easy to be distracted by "things", and you are...

  • facing worldly challenges as a Christian in your work, life, and relationships 

  • figuring out how to pray with authority and move forward in God's work 

  • fighting an enemy who's busy attacking your family, finances, and faith— he wants to separate you from your real calling.


God's been trying to tell you something...


He's calling you to a life-changing mission that can take you to unexpected places. 


The Purple Life is a guidebook of bold spiritual warfare strategies that shut down the enemy so you can put your full focus on the presence of God and His purpose. 

Daughter of God, it's time to operate in supernatural faith and favor...


Angie Nuttle is a Christian business woman, author, speaker, and executive business coach. God called her to minister to women after leaving a 20 year corporate career. She coaches corporate and entrepreneurial women to come out as Christians and live their faith in their work.


Angie spent three years in Iraq as an HR defense contractor facing harsh conditions and life threatening challenges as a woman in a war zone. Her inspiring story is one of of supernatural faith, favor and intense spiritual warfare. 


She's Founder of the VIP Center for Business Women in Indianapolis. The center holds events and provides creative opportunities for women to connect and grow. She also runs prayer circles and private intercessory groups to teach and strengthen women in the faith.


Angie is CEO of Corporate Talent Institute, and provides training and coaching for organizations. She holds a Masters degree in HR Management and Organizational Development, and a Bachelor’s degree is Social Work.


Angie is the author of From Invisible to Incredible:  The Secret to Brilliant Executive Presence, and  Compose Your Soul:  How to Turn Daily Chaos into Calm Control, and won the Readers Favorite 5 Star Award.


Angie is the wife of Aaron Nuttle, mom to three kiddos (Jazmin, Jared, and Mackenzie)— two grandkids (Avaleigh and Colton), and two fur babies (Buddy and Jovie).


She's a member of Charity Church in Indianapolis and loves spending time in the Word.

She's an artist like her mother, Earline Houchins, and enjoys expressing God's Love through mixed media art and writing.

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"You’ve been wishing and praying that this situation would change... it’s affecting your focus on your business, your work, relationships—you see the crucial

importance of winning this battle and sustaining your strength... This is no inconsequential or surface-level matter. No, it’s much deeper than you realize..."

Page 146, The Purple Life

Available in:

Hardback, E-Kindle, and Soft Cover

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A Must Read...

This book is ...way more than I expected. So much guidance, fresh perspective & revelation. I found so many answers to questions of doubt and uncertainty. It built up my relationship with God making it stronger, focused, and opened my my and heart to trust more in him. I gained some tools I didn't have and strengthened the ones I did. I could go on..... What I do want to share is that reading it and using it during a 40 day prayer challenge with Angie herself has been the most amazing journey. She is such a powerful, loving, wise, humble, and giving woman of God with a heart of gold and such a sweet spirit. You can't help but trust her in her words and guidance. She is pure in heart, vulnerable and easy to reach. I felt like I have known her forever and could say anything to her. She is her book. There was such a deep connection between her and the book. I just didn't buy a book, I bought an experience.

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